Nollywood Actress Belindah Effah Recount How Hoodlums Hijacked Protest in Lekki

Belindah Effah

Nollywood actress, Belindah Effah, who was caught during the mob protesting the killing of Nigerians in South Africa at Lekki Shoprite claimed that hoodlums had hijacked the protest.

She added that the men had been attacking motorists and called for government’s help.

Jakande area is very unsafe right now; Area boys everywhere. Everyone ran and left their cars just now.

As I was about to run out, the boys carrying machetes and stones told me it’s not me they are after, they are looking for South Africans to kill.

These same boys vandalised some cars. I saw one of them stone a car and broke the windshield.

After a while, they came to our car and asked for some money. They have blocked the Jakande Road and passengers are so afraid. Government please come to our aid, she wrote on Twitter.


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